Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for King Desert Safari At King Desert Safari, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ personal information. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your personal information when you visit our website or use our services.

Information We Collect

If you want to go on a desert safari or experience any of King Desert Safari’s other fantastic services, we only need a few details from you.

1. Contact Information:

 Please provide your name, email, phone number, and postal address. This information will not be used to deliver unnecessary emails 

2. Booking Details:

Prepare for an incredible experience! We handle everything from reserving dates and times to safari types. Get ready for a wild and humorous journey! 

3. Payment Information:

Credit card or other payment details such as bank account number.

4. Preferences:

Your fun safari selections, your collection of amazing adventurous events, or an object like the vehicle that will make you chuckle. It can also include a meal that will satisfy your taste senses.

 5. Communication:

Remember our amusing conversations with you? From clever emails to hilarious phone calls that made us laugh.

 6. Feedback:

We welcome service reviews. Can’t wait for your comments!
  • How We Use Your Information
  • Your personal data is used as follows: 
  • Complete reservation and payment process
  • We’ll contact you regarding reservations. 
  • Help for our loyal customers 
  • Personalising your worldview. 
  • Listening to consumers’ charming remarks and suggestions to improve our website and services. 
  • Get ready for thrilling emails and tempting promotions! (You can leave the list anytime) Following all legal and regular criteria

Information Sharing and Disclosure

In some cases, we may have to disclose your personal information to third parties:

1. The Service Providers:

We may have to tell third-party service providers our secret. They’ll manage our website, payments, and customer service to keep us solvent. 

2. Business Buddies: 

To meet all your booking needs, we may need to share your information with our hotel and trip operator partners. 

3. Legal requirements:

In some cases, we may need to share your information to comply with legal responsibilities or protect ourselves and others. Rest assured, we take these problems seriously.

4. Consent:

 We may disclose your information with your permission or as stated when we collected it. Data security is serious. The subject is serious and deserves cautious examination. Today’s digital age requires data security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We make considerable efforts to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, change, or destruction. 

5. Data Security and Breach:

We wish we could assure your information is 100% secure, but the internet and electronic storage make it impossible. Saving data for emergencies: We preserve your personal information as long as necessary to accomplish this Privacy Policy’s aims unless the law requires us to keep it longer. 

6. Your Rights:

Know Your Rights: Access, correct, or delete your personal data. All in your hands! If you want us to limit or object to how we manage your data, or if you want a portable copy, let us know. We’ll assist!

Contact us:

Contact us using the information below to exercise your rights. 

Privacy Policy

Please note that our Privacy Policy may change occasionally. Updates on this page will be posted. Naturally, we’ll keep the policy’s top Date current. Check this Privacy Policy periodically for sudden changes.  Contact us. If you have issues regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices, email us at []

Third-party cookies:

 Explore the interesting world of cookies and tracking technologies! We’ll examine how these programs track your website browsing. This article will help you manage your cookie choices and control your online munching. Please note that our website may connect to non-King Desert Safari websites. So be careful. Please note that I’m not responsible for third-party websites’ privacy or content. 

Privacy for Kids: 

Our services are not for children under 13. Please note that we do not purposely collect personal information from minors under 13. If a child under 13 shares personal information with you, you’ll erase it immediately.

Global Data Transfers:

 If you take personal data abroad, let us know how you’ll protect it. Data protection is our priority! Requests from individuals:  This guide helps you exercise your data protection rights! You can see, edit, or remove your personal data. Step in and discover how to maximize these rights. 

Chief Data Protector: 

Share your data protection officer’s (DPO) contact details if you’re feeling the need to. 

Consent and Data Breach:

Users can consent to the collection and use of their personal data. This method must be understood to ensure everyone is on the same page. Do you want to know how we discover, investigate, and alert people and authorities about data breaches? Our detecting technology is like a superhero with enhanced senses. It sniffs out strange behavior like a bloodhound on a mission, looking for breaches.  If it senses something suspicious, our skilled investigators go in to solve the case like a crime drama. They examine every piece of evidence to determine who, what, when, where, and why the breach occurred. Once they have all the juicy details, we don’t waste time. We notify victims faster than “data breach.”  Thank you!